Devices & Equipment


The next-generation of laser technology in approved Fuhlendorf-quality sets new standards.

A touch screen programme control, with specially developed software for automatic treatment procedures ensures very easy handling and a quick and easy start in the next generation of cosmetic laser treatments.

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The advantages ieser method and the various implementation options are the Q-TRONIC MED therapy laser the result of consistent scientific development for a unique, pioneering modular laser system with cutting-edge technologies in electronics and information processing.


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Fine crystals effectively and painlessly remove the uppermost layer of skin. Dead skin cells and the sensitive outer barrier layer of the skin are gently removed, which makes the skin receptive to caring active ingredients.

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The VACUTRONIC makes it possible to simultaneously run cupping massages on two channels - synchronously and asynchronously. What makes the rhythmic cupping massage so effective is the fact, that the tissue is not pressed, as is the case in any other massage, but is lifted and aerated. Paracelsus appreciated the healing powers of this technique, which helped his patients recover faster. He knew that cupping massages activate the immune system's own self-healing powers.

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A well-proven, state-of–the-art device, which meets all the requirements of modern cosmetics. In addition to the manual control, 5 practice-proven, automatically controlled treatment programs it enables an easy and efficient work-flow. The attractive price, durability and functional reliability of the device all guarantee excellent return on investment.

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